Welcome to the Netherton Islamic Trust Evening Madrasa Page:

Saying of Prophet (Allah Shower Countless Blessing Upon Him) “It is mandatory for every Muslim male and female to acquire knowledge (of Deen)“.

The Evening Madrasa is opened and with Grace of Allah the God Almighty up and Running. Admission are opened for all young learners (age 6-11). All the Teachers male and Female are well qualified and trained to spread the knowledge of Quran and Sunah. You may contact the NIT in this regards.

Subjects: Qur,anic and Islamic Studies

Head Teachers: Ustad Hafiz Afzal Ahmed

Format: 5 days a week – 2 hours (Please contact for Time Slots confirmation)

Fee: £25 Per Month

Ages: 6-11 (Boys & Girls)

It is essential that we provide our children with high quality Islamic Education at the stage of of their lives by teachers who have passion, experience and skill sets to equip them to face the world in present time with strong religious knowledge.

Please do not hesitate to book a time slot to visit and meet for any further information that may wish to know.

Call Us : or send us your queries via email or whats app.

Our email address is info@nit.org.uk or Nit.dudley@gmail.com