Allah Says in Quran

“Undoubtedly you can only find the Peace of your heart in Remembrance of Allah”

With the Blessings of Allah Karim and the spiritual blessings of Holy Prophet Mohammad Peace be Upon Him, at NIT on every Monday after Isha Jamat (Collective Prayer) Zikir Circle is organised. Where all our community members from near and far gather to remember Allah. In very Brief session of 30-45 mins the Circle start with the Recitation of Quran and offering of Naat then the Main Zikir, Darood E Pak and finally a brief Duya (Pray) for everyone participated and those who intend to participate. All are welcome to get their of peace and refresh your faiths by experience the tranquillity in the Zikir Circle.

Please Note that During Ramadan Zikir Circle is organised after Travih on Every Saturday night.

Afzal Ul Zikir
A Glimpse of Zikir e Darood at Zikir Circle

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